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Studying both Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech has allowed me to develop a diverse range of technical and soft skills. The following projects showcase my abilities in software engineering, data science, human-centered design, and product management.

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Language Detector

Screen shot of language detector user interface. Click to launch application.

Language Detector is a React.JS application I developed while exploring natural language processing that takes a phrase and instantly decides whether the phrase is written in English, Spanish, or French. The detection algorithm makes decisions based upon stochastic matrix models of the languages.


React.JS, Node.JS, Javascript, Java, HTML, CSS, Git

Unsupervised Machine Learning to Study Alzheimer’s Disease

The image shows an information visualization I created for this project. Click to read my team's published research article.

As an undergraduate researcher, I have contributed to a couple of unsupervised machine learning projects focused on advancing Alzheimer's Disease research. My research team utilized clustering and association rule mining algorithms to analyze clinical data and identify subpopulations of patients that can be further studied for the development of targeted treatments. I took the lead in writing our team's technical work into a professional research article and also designed information visualizations for the project. The article was published in July 2021 in a special edition of the Brain Sciences journal. I also presented the research to an audience of physician-scientists at the American Neurological Association's 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting. I am currently using the knowledge I learned about dimensionality reduction and clustering algorithms from this project to perform the data analysis for my team's future research projects.


Python 3, Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, Jupyter Notebook


This image shows the portunus logo. Click to watch a video demo of the initial functioning prototype of Portunus.

Portunus is a non-profit organization founded by Sophia Caputo that aims to organize professional development resources for college students in one central, online location. I had the privilege of working with Sophia and a team of student developers to start to build Portunus into a reality. Appointed as our team's Product Manager by my peers, I directed our team through conducting user research studies with key product stakeholders, ideating and prototyping various features of the service, and performing usability testing on our prototypes. Some of the initial user interface wireframes that I sketched in Balsamiq as well as a video demonstration of an early working prototype I developed in React.JS for the project are linked below. 


React.JS, Node.JS, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Git, Balsamiq

More coming soon!
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